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Updated: 19 min 31 sec ago

When a sniper shot a surfer

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 3:25pm
More than 50 athletes have been injured in Gaza so far this year.

Israel passes law entrenching apartheid

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 12:27pm

Jewish “nation-state” law a public relations disaster for efforts to market Israel as democratic.

Reconstruction at a snail's pace in Gaza

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 11:55am
Israel's restrictions and unfulfilled aid promises have delayed rebuilding work.

Palestinian photographer reported killed in Syrian prison

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 6:01pm

Niraz Saied documented daily life in Yarmouk refugee camp before his arrest in 2015.

Listen: Episcopal Church votes to refuse profits from Israeli crimes

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 12:48pm

German activists resist crackdowns on Palestine activism.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez must not cower before Israel lobby

Tue, 07/17/2018 - 10:41pm

Grassroots work has made it possible to support Palestinian rights and win.

Israeli sniper deliberately killed medic Razan al-Najjar, investigation finds

Tue, 07/17/2018 - 5:48pm

Young woman who dreamed of being a nurse left behind devastated family.

Between Israel's bullets and bulldozers

Tue, 07/17/2018 - 2:20pm
Nearly half the Jordan Valley has been declared a closed military zone.

ICC judges order outreach to victims of war crimes in Palestine

Mon, 07/16/2018 - 8:25pm

Israelis fear decision could bring officials closer to trial in The Hague.

Children start classes in Khan al-Ahmar school facing Israeli demolition

Mon, 07/16/2018 - 3:56pm

Israeli demolition workers demand the right wages for a war crime.

Israeli air raid kills two children in Gaza City

Sat, 07/14/2018 - 2:23pm

Israel’s resort to large-scale air attacks is the latest escalation of its collective punishment of Gaza’s population .

Israel kills child as Gaza marks 100 days of protests

Fri, 07/13/2018 - 5:03pm

Besieged territory in “social and economic collapse” as Israel tightens blockade.

Settlers step up hostilities against Palestine's mosques

Fri, 07/13/2018 - 1:45pm

Benjamin Netanyahu gives green light for provocative actions against one of Islam’s holiest sites.