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Afghanistan/Pakistan Task Force

The UJP Afghanistan/Pakistan Task Force is a committee of Boston area activists working to stop the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan and bring all the troops home now.

Educating the public to understand the tragedy and futility of this war is our primary method.

We organize talks and lectures through the Afghanistan/Pakistan War Forum Series.

We sponsor a speakers bureau which can show films and lead discussions in your community group, union, church or school.   Contact us at or call 617-383-4UJP to arrange an event!  Two films we show regularly are Rethink Afghanistan and View From a Grain of Sand.

We hold a Brown Bag Lunch Vigil outside Senator Kerry's and Senator Brown's offices every third Wednesday from noon to 1:30 p.m., calling for "Bring the Troops and War Money Home"!

We usually meet in Cambridge about once a month.   Contact us to find the next meeting time and place.   Our meetings are usually posted in the calendar portion of this website.

We seek to cooperate with any and all groups who seek to end the Afghanistan and Pakistan conflicts and bring the troops home, and we welcome new ideas to help get the word out.   Contact us!

Revised Feb '11