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25% Solution Petition

I want to be Part of the Solution . . . The 25% Solution!


With the U.S. facing devastating economic and environmental crises, with our states and cities forced into layoffs and cutbacks, now is the moment to demand a shift in our country’s priorities. Military spending -- now more than $700 billion per year -- is bankrupting our country and draining the life blood of our communities.  

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, in calling for a 25% reduction in military spending, has put the issue clearly -- “If we are not able to get military spending under control……we will not be able to respond to important domestic needs.”

We support a 25% reduction in military spending, with the savings redirected to urgent needs, including the funding of jobs in housing, health care, education, clean energy and infrastructure repairs -- and preventing the layoff of State and local public workers in the Commonwealth.
The call for a 25% reduction is a practical step.  Just ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, cutting unneeded weapons programs, and eliminating wasteful spending would easily meet the goal without compromising our security in any way.
--The US spends almost as much on its military as all the other countries of the world combined.
--The military budget almost doubled during the eight years of the Bush administration.
--More than half of all U.S. annual discretionary spending goes to the military and war fighting.
--Tens of billions are spent on costly and unnecessary weapons systems.
--The US maintains more than 800 military bases in almost 100 foreign countries.
--The U.S. pours nearly $500,000 per minute into the Iraq war.
The 25% Solution campaign of Greater Boston United for Justice with Peace is part of a nation-wide campaign to cut military spending and fund our communities.