Veterans issues

Brian Arredondo, R.I.P.

"He Suffered So Much"

May 10, 1987 to December 19, 2011
by Cindy Sheehan

Honoring Brian Arredondo

Brian's wake and funeral will be held December 27 and 28.

Please attend and lend your support. See detailed times and places and how you can help.

Brian Arredondo was 17 when his 20 year-old brother, Alex, a U.S. Marine, was killed in Iraq on 25 August, 2004.  He was 24 this past Monday, 19 December, when he took his own life.

To remember Brian ArredondoCarlos Arredondo, the father of Alex and Brian, his only children, was so distraught when the Marines came to tell him that his oldest son was killed, he caught their van and himself on fire, burning over 26% of his body. His recovery from his physical wounds was long and difficult, but his emotional wounds from having his son killed by the U.S. government in its illegal and immoral war in Iraq will never completely heal. However, I know since my son, Casey, was killed in Iraq only four months before Alex, that Carlos was beginning to be able to get through his days without overwhelming pain before his other son committed suicide. 

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Memorial Day for Peace

When: Monday, May 27, 2013, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Where: Christopher Columbus Park • 105 Atlantic Ave • Aquarium T • Boston
2013 May 27 - 1:00pm
2013 May 27 - 3:00pm
Please join Veterans For Peace, Smedley Butler Brigade, Chapter 9 and Samantha Smith, Chapter 45, Military Families Speak Out, Mass Peace Action and United for Justice with Peace as we commemorate Memorial Day.
There will be no parade, no marching band, no military equipment, no guns and drums, no Air Force fly-overs.
There will be veterans and supporters who have lost friends and loved ones. There will be veterans who know the horrors of war and the pain and anguish of loss. There will be friends and families of soldiers, remembering their loved ones. There will be Iraqi Refugees who have suffered terrible losses and will join us as we remember and show respect for their loss.
There will be flowers dropped into the harbor for each fallen U.S. soldier from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Flowers will also be also be dropped into the harbor remembering the loss of Iraqi family and friends.
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St Patrick's Peace Parade!

Yesterday, the big day finally came -- Saint Patrick's Peace Parade: People's Parade for Peace, Equality, Jobs, Social and Economic Justice. 
Pat Scanlon and Tony Flaherty, two of the main parade organizers.
As in years past, the Veterans For Peace request to join the "official" (or "traditional") St. Patrick's Day Parade was denied by the Allied War Veterans Council of South Boston.  So was the request of Join the Impact and MassEquality (both LGBT organizations).  (Read article about the MassEquality experience at this link, along with a copy of the letter they received from the Allied War Veterans.) 

Not being allowed to march in the "official" parade, for the second year Veterans For Peace and other groups (notably Massachusetts Peace Action with the leadership of Cole Harrison) organized the St. Patrick's Peace Parade (the People's Alternative Parade...).  This year's parade was bigger than the first one, perhaps two or three times bigger (I don't have a good count yet).

There were several divisions in the Peace Parade, including: Veterans For Peace, GLBT groups, religious/faith-based groups, labor, peace groups, political groups, and Occupy. 
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