UJP Structure Discussion (June-Sept 2009)

Dear UJP Member Groups and activists,

Attached please find for your consideration the draft for an updated UJP Structure which is meant to support Coalition activity and bring people together for peace and justice work.  The UJP Strategy Meeting of June 13 decided by consensus to send this document to all UJP Member Groups. We strongly urge every Member Group to read and discuss the draft and to suggest amendments. We also ask each Member Group to to consider selecting a representative to serve on the the UJP Planning Group.  The final document will be adopted at the UJP Strategy Meeting Fall 2009.  Meanwhile, the current planning group is fully authorized to conduct ongoing UJP work.
This new UJP Structure reflects many of the same policies that existed in the original 2004 structure, such as group membership, a decision-making committee, task forces, standing committees, and strategy meetings. It also includes changes that place  more emphasis on Planning Group members representing their organizations and not limiting the number of representatives that can be on the Planning Group. In addition,  mutual expectations of UJP and its Member Groups are proposed and implementation processes are included such as guidelines for consultation and the way to modify the structure.. 
Please take the time and energy to discuss and review the draft and to send your suggestions or amendments, in writing, by email to ujpcoalition@gmail.com.   The new Structure document is online at http://justicewithpeace.org/structure and you may post comments.  Please be sure to identify your group when posting comments.  Finally, the old structure is also on the web site in case you would like to compare the documents.
We are confident that this new structure will give us the benefit of the things we have learned and enable us to do more effective peace and justice work.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.
UJP Structure Committee (Duncan McFarland, Tony Palomba, Shelagh Foreman, and Cole Harrison)


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UJP Structure Document July 2004.doc32 KB
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