Wednesday: Pull the Pentagon Pork!

Wednesday: Pull the Pentagon Pork!

Pull the Pork From the Pentagon

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 @ 4:30 pm
Park Street Station, Tremont & Park Streets, Boston



Across the country, grassroots activists are standing up to make their priorities loud and clear. The middle class is the backbone of America, and it’s time Congress listened to us, not Pentagon CEOs. As a decade of war comes to a close, it’s time to transfer wasteful Pentagon spending into programs that benefit all Americans.

The people of Massachusetts voted for the Budget for All in all 91 cities and towns where it was on the ballot. They said Congress should stop cuts to vital programs, create jobs, tax the 1% and corporations, bring the troops home and cut Pentagon pork. It’s time for Congress to follow the mandate of Massachusetts voters!

  • Nearly one in five of our federal budget dollars are going to the Pentagon — that’s roughly $660 billion a year and more than what the next 19 countries spend combined.
  • We can reduce the bloated Pentagon budget by $100 billion a year without harming our national security or our troops.
  • We start by ending corporate welfare for Pentagon contractors and their CEOs.

Call your senators and representative in congress on Wednesday or Thursday:

Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Tell them to support a deal that prevents cuts to social programs-raises revenues by closing corporate tax loopholes –and redirects Pentagon spending into creating jobs and saving vital public programs.

Protect our Priorities. Demand a Budget for All.

Sign the Petition:

For more information or to Volunteer contact:
Budget for All Massachusetts • • 617-354-2169 •

Info on the National Day of Action:

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