UJP Task Force & Committee Contacts

Task Forces

The task forces are issue-oriented regional groups working to formulate regional actions around these goals.   Each task force has a web page listed here under "See Also".  To become a part of a task force, contact the following people:

Cole Harrison, Roslindale - rozziecole@gmail.com
Rachel Williams, Groveland - rachfit@mindspring.com

25% Solution (cutting the military budget)
Mike Prokosch mikeprokosch@verizon.net
Susan Lees swlees@earthlink.net

Abolishing Nuclear Weapons
Guntram Mueller guntrammueller@gmail.com

Legislative Action
Shelagh Foreman shelagh@masspeaceaction.org

Ann Glick aglick@hotmail.com
Marilyn Levin MarilynL@alumni.neu.edu

Stop the Biolab
Vicky Steinitz  vicky.steinitz@gmail.com 

Standing Committees

The standing committees handle administrative and organizational tasks for UJP.

Fundraising and Administration:
Duncan McFarland mcfarland13@gmail.com

On Line Organizing (OOC) 
Web site, e-mail newsletters, listservs, Facebook presence for UJP, etc.
Mike Sances mikesances@gmail.com

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