Internships to Build a Majority Agenda

If you oppose war, demand decent jobs, and stand for the environment, then you're part of the majority! But you wouldn't know that from the media and the policy process.

The Majority Agenda Project is building a team of interns, volunteers and organizers who can give 8 or more hours a week. They will inject these issues into the public arena using a careful mix of traditional and new media organizing techniques.

Training will be provided and academic course credit can be arranged. Unfortunately, the project can only offer UNPAID internships at this time. Three hours a week will be spent at our project headquarters in Chinatown however most work can be completed off site. Interns who spend at least 3 months with the project will learn project management, media and community organizing (NOT street canvassing) skills. Interns will also improve their writing and debate skills with experienced mentors.

Please go here to apply online.

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