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Statement by UJP opposing a major new US war in the Middle EastSep 14 8:44pm
Tell Elizabeth Warren ...It's not "Progressive" to Justify Israel's War Crimes in GazaSep 13 7:16pm
UFPJ Urgent UPDATE: Bombing Iraq and Syria – A Delusion, Not A SolutionSep 12 1:16pm
Saturday: No U.S. War on Iraq and Syria!Sep 11 7:57am
THURSDAY: Michael Klare: Climate Change, Conflict, and SustainabilitySep 9 2:58pm
Helen Caldicott: Facing our Nuclear ResponsibilitiesSep 6 10:46am
Michael Klare: Climate Change, Conflict, and Sustainability (Sept 11)Sep 4 7:21pm
Sign Code Pink's Petition: Don’t bomb Syria or Iraq!Sep 2 9:15pm
Thursday: "Free Angela and All Political Prisoners"Sep 2 12:59pm
Michael Klare: Climate Change, Conflict, and Sustainability (Sept 11)Aug 31 1:27pm
UFPJ Action Alert: No Time for SilenceAug 21 11:14am
Aug 28 - Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming: Organizing Meeting for the People's Climate MarchAug 19 4:17pm
Monday: March for Gaza! End the Israeli Siege, No more US Tax Dollars, Boycott, March on HPAug 8 1:20pm
Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming!Aug 4 2:29pm
Raed Jarrar - U.S. Middle East Policy and the Cataclysms in Gaza, Iraq and SyriaAug 3 1:57pm
Next Week: Boston Remembers Hiroshima & Nagasaki: Moving from Violence to UnityJul 29 3:54pm
No Fracked Gas in Mass RallyJul 27 7:20pm
Rebecca Gordon: Mainstreaming TortureJul 27 7:12pm
Firsthand report from Jerusalem and analysis of Iraq and SyriaJul 23 5:32pm
TODAY: Outrage Against Israeli Massacre in Gaza: Boston Stands with PalestineJul 21 8:52am