Majority Agenda Task Force Formed

Majority Agenda Project

The Feb. 13 UJP strategy meeting welcomed the newest UJP task force, the Majority Agenda Task Force.  The Majority Agenda Project, which is a program sponsored by Massachusetts Global Action, identifies an unprecedented crisis of the convergence of severe economic recession, climate change and global warming, and the longest string of wars in US history.  MAP's goal is to help create a more effective response to the crisis by promoting collaboration among the peace, economic justice and environmental movements. MAP hopes to create a clear and cogent agenda and language to engage broad sectors of mainstream progeressives, and has presented a draft set of principles.

Bill Fletcher at Simmons, Feb 17, 2010

UJP'ers were active organizers and participants in MAP's latest activity, a two-day speaking tour in Boston by Bill Fletcher, prominent national black labor leader and writer for the Black Commentator.  Bill's busy tour on Feb. 16-17 included a lecture at a Boston College sociology class; a presentation and discussion at Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE), a leading community organization in Roxbury; a fundraiser in Newton; a labor lunch hosted by UNITE HERE; a meeting of the Massachusetts Labor Against War, and an evening program at Simmons College.  (At left, Fletcher signs books after his Simmons lecture.)

"Bill's tour emphasized the following themes," said Duncan McFarland, member of the UJP MAP support group, "the need for working peoples' assemblies to write a peoples agenda; the need for a Left narrative, a clear and engaging story of US history and the progressive vision; the need to fight for political power, both inside and outside the electoral arena, which means a quantum leap in organization; and the goal of building a forthright  major national Left or socialist political party."  UJP hopes the Majority Agenda Task Force will help build peace movement connections to labor and environmental antiwar constituencies.


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