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Postcard instruction sheet

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We are gathering thousands of handwritten postcards to Senator Kerry as part of a campaign to pressure him on SuperCommittee/deficit issues. These ideas will help make those postcards as effective as possible.

Guidelines for everyone

·   It takes time to gather individually written cards one at time. Ten cards per hour is the record so far  for a card-gatherer going from one person to another. Here are two ways to get more cards.

o  Find events where people are staying put, not hurrying off: sit-down events, farmers’ markets.

o  At open-air events, work with people in clumps and hand out several cards at once. Bring pens!

o  At sit-down events, make an announcement and circulate the cards.

·   Collect the cards on the spot if you can. When people take them home, many will go astray.

·   Count the cards you’ve gathered and report that to your regional card coordinator or at least the person you get them from.

·   Cut off the bottom half before delivering the cards to Kerry’s office. They do not need to see what we are asking people to say.

·   In case you find people who want to take cards and do their own gathering, prepare kits ahead of time: 10-15 cards, an instruction sheet, and basic info about the Supercommittee and campaign in a manila envelope.

Delivering postcards

The strategy of our campaign is to make Kerry feel “I’m surrounded!” We can best do this by using a range of deliver methods.

·   Individuals and outlying towns mail cards individually to Kerry’s office while keeping a tally.

·   Cities collect their cards and deliver batches to Kerry’s nearest office every week or so. Go in with ally groups in your coalition. Make an appointment and talk to staff about what we want.

·   Schedule one or two mass postcard deliveries so we can mobilize and get serious media coverage.

Pre-written postcards, petitions, etc.

Some groups may not want to use handwritten postcards. It’s fine if they want to create a pre-written card that people simply sign or a petition. We just ask two things.

·   Deliver them separately. We are using handwritten cards because elected officials take people’s personally expressed opinions (phone calls, visits, handwritten letters) more seriously than mass vehicles. We don’t want to dilute the work we are putting into this by mixing different forms.

·   Keep track of how many petition signatures or pre-written cards you are gathering.

Getting the most out of the cards

·   Keep track of the numbers you are collecting and get your totals at least weekly to your regional postcard coordinator.

·   Look through the cards you gather and type up the best ones. (Keep them anonymous but do record the date and the place they come from.) Send them in to your postcard coordinator. We can use them on press releases, quote them in letters to the editor and public statements and rallies, put them on banners, Facebook pages, tweets, websites. We could start a “quote of the day” tweet and web campaign page update. These are the people of the Commonwealth speaking – let’s amplify their voices.

For printed postcards, contact Massachusetts Peace Action,, or call 617-354-2169.

Download a printable copy of these instructions.

Download the postcard.