Against a Major New US War in the Middle East: UJP Statement

  • No US military intervention or bombing of Syria and Iraq!
  • Bring all the troops home
  • No arms or training to parties to the conflict
  • Support a political solution including all concerned parties and governments based on self- determination of the people
  • Support genuine and neutral humanitarian aid such as UN efforts endorsed by the entire Security Council; oppose false aid used as a cover for military intervention

Here we go again -- has the US government learned nothing from the disastrous Iraq war? The brutal US intervention and occupation of Iraq destroyed Iraqi society and is the principal cause leading to the current violence and chaos. Why would anyone think that another US intervention would be anything but another disaster?

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Boston Protests New War On Iraq and Syria

Boston Common-Sept. 13, 2014: About 75 peace activists gathered at Park St. in Boston today to protest Obama's new phase of the long US war against Iraq (from 1991-the present). Also protesting US war against Syria. This was in response to Obama's announcement wed. of his re-invading Iraq to supposedly destroy ISIS, when in fact the many US invasions of Iraq created the civil wars there by destabilizing the Iraq government and placing US puppets in power.

Speakers from American Friends Service Committee, Mass. Peace Action, United For Justice With Peace, Chelsea Uniting Against War, Committee For Peace And Human Rights,Military Families Speak Out, Veterans For Peace, and others helped organize this protest. 
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Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming: People's Climate March

When: Sunday, September 21, 2014, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Where: north of Columbus Circle • Central Park West at 77th St • New York City
2014 Sep 21 - 10:00am
2014 Sep 21 - 5:00pm

 We are at a crossroads, faced with a climate crisis that threatens to end our world as we know it. We can’t afford the greenhouse gas emissions arising from the way we live and from war and preparation for war. 

Massachusetts Peace Action and American Friends Service Committee call on all who want to preserve our planet to join the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21st and to form a Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming Contingent.  The Peace, Justice & Climate pre-rally will start at 10am on Central Park West between 77th and 79th St, with speakers to include Bill McKibben, Tom Hayden and many others.

We go to New York with the following demands:

  • Re-direct military spending to the creation of millions of green jobs and to research for a rapid transition from fossil fuels to non-polluting energy sources.
  • Stop building new fossil fuel infrastructure, including the Keystone pipeline project.  Rapidly end fracking projects and the awarding of any new offshore drilling contracts
  • Move quickly toward mutual abolition of all nuclear weapons as required by the Nuclear Non-Prolif­eration Treaty.
  • Stop blocking the proposals for effective inter­national action on climate change being put forward by the Group of 77 and other devel­oping coun­tries.
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Helen Caldicott: Facing our Nuclear Responsibilities

When: Saturday, September 20, 2014, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Where: Newton City Hall • 1000 Commonwealth Ave • Newton War Memorial Auditorium • Newton Center
2014 Sep 20 - 2:00pm
2014 Sep 20 - 4:00pm

In honor of the International Day of Peace

Facing Our Nuclear Responsibilities

Helen Caldicott

Dr. Helen Caldicott

Renowned Activist, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
A Founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)
and Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND)
Author “The New Nuclear Danger”, “Nuclear Power is Not the Answer”

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Jewish Voice for Peace statement on the ceasefire in Gaza

Bombing stopped, but violence continues

Only economic pressure on Israel can lead to a true and just peace.

Hours ago, Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire.

Fifty two days after Israel began its bombing campaign in an escalation it provoked, at least 2,140 Palestinians are dead, including 514 children. Five Israeli civilians, including one child, and 64 soldiers have died. Israel has destroyed at least 17,000 homes, leaving around a third of Gaza’s 1.8 million Palestinians homeless. Israel has devastated the infrastructure in Gaza, with many hospitals, schools, factories and electric plants all targeted and destroyed.

After so much death and destruction, we are deeply relieved that this current wave of killing has stopped.  Three times in the last six years, Israel has conducted extraordinarily asymmetrical and brutal operations against the captive population of Gaza, and each time it has been civilians who have paid the major price.
And while Gaza has had the world’s attention during these escalations, the truth is that for 7 years, and for the foreseeable future if the world doesn’t act, the people of Gaza will continue to live under an intolerable state of siege.  While for Israelis this war is over, Israel's decades-long assault on Palestinian human rights continues.

There is no true end of violence for the children in jail without charges, the farmers watching soldiers tear apart their orchards, the refugees dreaming of the chance to hold their loved ones and see their homes once more, the young students who cannot attend school— for all of them, the violence of ongoing occupation, siege, and injustice continues.

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Fears of new conflict in Iraq spark protests

Photo by: John Wilcox
WAR-WEARY: Protestors such Thea Paneth from Arlington United for Justice with Peace, protest on Boston Common yesterday.
From the Boston Herald - Sunday, June 22, 2014

By: Antonio Planas

Anti-War Protesters Voice Opposition To U.S....

Opposition to a return of U.S. combat troops to Iraq is being voiced from Boston Common to Capitol Hill. WBZ-TV's Jim Smith reports

About 75 people opposed to U.S. military intervention in Iraq rallied on Boston Common yesterday as insurgents led by an al-Qaeda breakaway group expanded their offensive in a volatile western province, capturing three strategic towns.

The protest was organized by United for Justice with Peace and other affiliated groups who fear that President Obama’s decision to send 300 military advisers to join 275 U.S. troops already in Iraq to quell the insurgency may draw the country back into combat.

“I saw a lot of death and destruction for no reason,” said Iraq War veteran Michael Sullivan, 29, of Shirley. “We shouldn’t go back in because we’re causing more harm to ourselves — we need to let them settle it.”

Sullivan was deployed to Camp Liberty outside Baghdad for 10 months, beginning in 2005. Sullivan, with the group Veterans for Peace, said the U.S. intervention in Iraq created “false hope” among Iraqis and American military intervention didn’t change the instability in the country.

Protestors holding signs, some reading “No New War on Iraq” and “Don’t Bomb Iraq Again,” said they were concerned the limited intervention by the U.S. government might spread to all-out war.

Thea Paneth, 55, of Arlington, said the U.S. has been in and out of Iraq since the early 1990s and nothing has changed except far too many Iraqi civilian deaths.

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Peace Events This Week

Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming!

People's Climate March
September 21, New York City

Reserve Bus Tickets Now

People’s Climate March: Peace Hub

NYC Climate Convergence, Sept. 19-20


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